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My latest book is based on evidence that people are strong and capable 

and can take charge of their own lives, including their use of alcohol and other

drugs. It supports readers in 

respectfully evaluating the impact of drugs on their lives, without judgment and put-downs of any sort, and without an agenda of telling them how to behave.


Readers who have a drug problem and want to make changes will find help in evaluating their options and detailed guidance on how to succeed with either setting new limits or quitting. Readers who are uncertain whether or not they have a drug problem will find help in making their own determination about the matter.


This book shows that even people who are discouraged and have failed in previous attempts to overcome drug problems can take a Leap of Power, analyze what has held them back and design new strategies to ensure 

success. They can take control of their drug use and make important changes in the rest of their lives. The message of this book is that “You can do it.”


Order your copy of Leap Of Power below.

Leap Of Power Book

"You can take control of your life, including your use of alcohol and other drugs. You can prove the doubters wrong and maybe even surprise yourself"

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