Leap of Power Training Opportunity

March 24, 2021 -- 12 pm to 4 pm Eastern Time

Attendance is limited and the registration form can be downloaded here.

All therapists work with clients who either present with alcohol and other drug problems or have such problems that might emerge later in sessions or remain hidden from view. This workshop is designed to provide both mental health and drug therapists with skills and an approach to working with these clients, as well as the confidence to proceed. The core of the training will be about applying the framework outlined in the book, Leap of Power: Take Control of Alcohol, Drugs, and Your Life, which serves as a resource that counselors can use as an adjunct in counseling.

Participants may wish to adapt the material to their current approach to working with drug issues and other life problems or use it to entirely structure their approach. Practical skills, including some from The Seven Challenges program, will be taught and practiced. The implementation of structured client activities described in the book will be incorporated in the training.

Topics include:

  • Relaxed ways to start a non-judgmental and empowering discussion of drugs with clients

  • Thoughtful ways to respond to clients who bring up alcohol and other drug issues

  • How to introduce and adapt Leap of Power to your work

  • Strategies for promoting honest disclosure and motivating change

  • Messaging that enables clients to reflect on how their drug use emerged in the context of life circumstances and co-occurring issues

  • The identification of co-occurring situational and psychological problems

  • Strategies to promote informed decision-making about drugs (harm reduction or abstinence)

  • Behavior-change strategies that empower clients to overcome drug problems (ranging from minor ones to addiction)

  • A framework for monitoring and maintaining accountability in behavior change

  • The basic relapse prevention skills described in Leap of Power.

Prerequisite: Read Leap of Power: Take Control of Alcohol, Drugs, and Your Life, by Robert Schwebel, Ph.D.before the training. Amazon carries the book: https://amzn.to/2PWl0JR

"You have more personal power and can do more good than you might have imagined…for yourself, the people you love, and the world."


Welcome to my online resource where I’m going to focus on presenting information on the three major interests of my career.

  • Helping people form cooperative and loving relationships
  • Providing counseling services that support individuals in taking control of their lives
  • Developing a program for alcohol and other drug problems

These interests all involve the empowerment of people to believe in themselves; a caring heart and the ability to share power; and an understanding of the ways in which circumstances influence our lives.

I want to share my knowledge and many years of experience with anyone who is

interested. I don’t claim to have all the answers. But, there’s so much we need to do to make psychology better serve individuals and confront the hardships and injustices that impinge upon our well-being: I’m not going to sit on the sidelines.

Latest Book

Leap of Power was written to provide practical help and positive support to anyone who’s concerned about their use of alcohol or other drugs.

I wanted to say that there are many options available to people who want to change, that they can make their own decisions about how and when to change, and they can be successful. This is completely contrary to the dominant belief that people are powerless over drugs. In fact, this is really a call to action to say “You can do it.” Millions of people have overcome their drug problems. This book offers specific guidance so that everyone who has a problem with drugs can have an opportunity to create a better life.

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